I’m Not Superman, But I’m Stronger


“You don’t understand. He’s smart, handsome, even decent. But he’s not brave. No, listen to me. Superman is indestructible, and you can’t be brave if you’re indestructible. It’s people like you and your mother. People who are different, and can be crushed and know it. Yet they keep on going out there every time.”–Grandpa, from the movie, Angus.

The above quote hypothesizes that Superman was not brave because he was indestructible. His ability to survive any situation denied him courage because he knew, before the crisis even began, that he would emerge unharmed and triumphant. Thus, he could not exhibit any bravery.

Thus, my declaration that “I’m not Superman” oddly strengthens me. It momentarily calms my often racing mind (maybe, I should say it more often). I am not Superman and that’s ok. Actually, it’s more than ok; it’s better that I’m not Superman (I can then be me, which is the best that I can be!). Sadly, it has taken almost thirty years of my life to come to this conclusion and more importantly accept it. And believe me, I have tried to be Superman, stretching myself thinner than a film strip to please and help others. Sometimes I have done so to the detriment of myself. I’m not Superman though.

The trails, tribulations, successes, and failures that I have endured, however, prove that I am stronger than the alien-man stronger than a locomotive. So, by transitive property, I am stronger than a speeding train (Editor’s note: shout out to my math teacher who taught me that…and extra shout out to the readers who understand that “Big Bang”-ish reference). Throughout my life, I have exhibited courage to challenge my obstacles, even when I did not have faith or knowledge that I would come out victorious. Regardless, I still fought and more importantly, I’m still here!

There’s power in understanding one’s vulnerability and even more power in facing it. With that newfound knowledge, I proudly proclaim, “I. Am. Not. Superman.”


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