That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope [late August]

Let’s jump into it…

That’s Not Dope

  • Settling for what’s not yours
  • Parking Tickets
  • Claiming to be a realist to justify one’s fear of risk
  • No wifi
  • The sneaker game (Lebron and Paranorman Foams… unfortunately there will be a story where some young male loses his life over these sneakers)
  • The second amendment and the countless amount of lives lost as a consequence (Prayer for the victims of the Empire State Building shooting and their families)

That’s Dope 

  • Taking a risk
  • Seeing the results of one’s hard work
  • Brooklyn (I’m hesitant to proclaim this because all of the Brooklynites I know will act even more pompous)
  • Celebrating the little things in life
  • Clarity
  • Aaliyah

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