I Love Being Black

My life and lived experiences inspire all of my posts and today’s post is no different.

I love Black people.

I really love Black people. 

This realization is not new; I’ve known this fact for a long time! Today, I want to declare my love for my Black sisters and brothers throughout the internet’s expansive reach.

Here is a random list of what I love. For this post, I am not concerned about the perceived, imagined, or real obstacles that are associated with being Black in the United States of America. Nor am I concerned with the things about my people that I do not like *cough: Love and Hip Hop Atlanta and its stereotype-supporting impact: cough* This post is not about that; instead, I want to spend the remaining words to express my love for my people…all of them (in no particular order): African, American, Canadian, Caribbean, European, Multiracial, Native, and South American.

  1. Difference. So many are quick to lump us all together and in doing so create a perceived monolithic Black experience, which does not exist. We are individuals, with different musical tastes, socio-economic statues, hair styles, friend groups, sexualities, etc. That one notion limits and constricts so many from being themselves for fear of rejection and exile; it damages us by refusing to recognize and acknowledge our beautiful differences. I love the diversity within my people.
  2. Support. When folks pull together my heart smiles humongous heart smiles. The other day, I attended a going away party for my mentee’s friend and the generational love and pride was evident to anyone within viewing distance. It truly takes a village. It reminded my of the countless sacrifices that my family have made for me to be where I am. Eternally grateful for that love and support.
  3. Celebration. When we throw a party (for anything), we throw a PAR-TAY! Yes, it may not start on time, but from the food to the music, a good time will be had by all in attendance.
  4. Style. I am an avid people watcher and I love watching my people. Our styles are varied like our skin tones. And. I. Love. It.
  5. Accomplishments. We have done some amazing things throughout history, not only here in America, but throughout the world. Our legacy, though at times diminished, is ever present. I am proud of that lineage, and plan to add to it every chance I get.

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