Random Things I Want to Accomplish Soon

  1. I want to participate in a Zumba and/or Yoga class. I have been hitting the gym, lifting weights, but want to do something to keep the limbs loose and flexible. I have no excuse because I know a few Zumba and Yoga instructors.
  2. I want to go to Montreal (or Toronto). Not sure why I have this burning desire to visit my Northern neighbors, but I would like to add another stamp to my passport relatively soon for relatively cheap. Anyone interested? No? Oh, ok.
  3. I want to buy a new suit. I haven’t purchased a suit in a while (read: over a year; last suit purchased was for my Master’s ceremony…need to do better) and it’s time to add a new piece of smoothness to the formal attire. I’m attending a wedding soon, so this may happen by week’s end.
  4. I want to finish reading these books I’ve started: The New Jim Crow (had to put it down because it infuriated me, but need to continue), War (actually haven’t started), The Piano Lesson (almost done), Game of Thrones (book 1…only a couple pages in, so it’s going to take a while), The Book of Basketball (almost done), and Fahrenheit 451 (also haven’t started). Judge me.
  5. I want to create a visual art piece, entitled “Self-Reflection,” using the many name cards I have acquired from various events and conferences. They all say my name, but often my title (or identity) is different. I also need to figure which wall in my apartment will bear this masterful rendition.

I will write an update on this post within the month, and let you know how I’ve done with my recent goals.

Research has shown that writing down your goals lead to a higher completion rate. Trust me, I’m a fake doctor. Knowing that, what is something that you wish to accomplish soon (within a month)? Please share in the comments section. Don’t all rush and write, “To meet up and have a drink with you” although it’s possible (if you are in the New York City area or Montreal (or Toronto).


2 thoughts on “Random Things I Want to Accomplish Soon

  1. I teach yoga!!! I’ll let you know when I’m back on the schedule at my studio. Also, I teach private lessons at sliding rates/ bartering. Call me!!

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