That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope [Another One]

Another edition of That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope

That’s Not Dope

  • Monotony
  • New York Mets
  • Parking, especially with all the signs that require skill as if it’s another language
  • One of them days (not the song, but literally one of them days)
  • NFL Replacement referees and their egregious mistakes 
  • Ryan Lochte as ABC’s The Bachelor (though maybe a black woman might make it to a later round)

That’s Dope

  • Mentoring
  • No Sock Summer ’12
  • Loyalty
  • Summer reading
  • Little League Baseball
  • No pulp orange juice

3 thoughts on “That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope [Another One]

  1. I’m digging your “that’s dope…that’s not dope” blogs. I definitely agree that Mentoring is dope, it’s the one place my passion remains transparent to everyone around me! I believe everyone has something to offer no matter how big or small and it’s my mantra that if you aren’t doing it to move the culture, what are you really doing? Loyalty is more than dope(it’s EVERYTHING), but I especially liked the summer reading. What was on your list, any recommendations? And Lochte should have made the DOPE LIST…that dude is THAT DUDE!!

      • Oh wow, I have read it! It’s such an interesting account of how racial discrimination still exist just under a different more strategic umbrella. The writng is bold and what I appreciate the most is that she actually offers up solutions…most people just target the problem. Sidebar: The justice system just plain sucks anyways…this is why I left my legal studies! Thanks for the suggestion, hope it sparks creative conversations on how we can help make a difference :p

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