Random Questions and Hella Links

Please feel free to answer any of the following questions in the comments section. Happy Friday!

  • Could Drake be a bigger star if he made better music videos? Remember when Kanye sabotaged directed Drake’s first career hit, “Best I Ever Had
  • If Lebron and Kobe finally face each other (seems more likely after this trade for my seven foot namesake), will Nike bring back those lovable puppets? Those commercials were dope.
  • Do New York middle school English students still comply their weekly vocabulary lists from listening to Clyde Frazier’s auspicious commentary for the New York Knicks like I once did? “Winning and grinning.” <— That link made me laugh.
  • How can one argue that racism and stereotypes are dead when NBC aired this commercial after Gabby Douglas, an African American woman, won the gold medal in gymnastics? Somebody needs to be fired for this egregious mistake act.
  • What do Jamaicans find their men to have them dominate these short sprints?
  • Who would win a street fighter styled, NCAA tournament bracket-esque battle between N’Sync, The Backstreet Boys, New Kids on the Block, and New Edition while their greatest hits played in the background? Crown your champion in the comments section.
  • When will Justin Timberlake make new music? We I’m waiting like a cracked out crack addict for that crack, JT!
  • What’s the best HBO series ever? Before I would have said Entourage, but The Wire is doper. After I finish the series, I’ll start the Sopranos? Leave your thoughts in the comments section. Sidenote: I fully recognize that not everyone has the privilege of cable television and movie channels.
  • Why aren’t all museums free? The one in the Bronx is!
  • What inspires you?

2 thoughts on “Random Questions and Hella Links

  1. The NBC commercial after Gabby one the gold being a racist act is a stretch. That show is one of the new ones that’s going to premiere this coming fall television season. Of course they’re going to air it. The only people who thought it was racist were sites looking for clicks and people digging to make every little thing into something racist.

    • I respectfully disagree. Given the history of comparing blacks to monkeys, NBC should have picked a better time to show that commercial. Right after Gabby Douglas won was not the time. There was a tape delay, so someone in their studio should have been sensitive to the matter. It was a deplorable decision on their behalf. Though you may disagree with my claim, I am still offended by their decision.

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