For Best Results, Plug Into Power Source

“Me, I’m from the Apple, which means I’m a Mac”-Jay Z, “Venus vs. Mars”

With the recent addition of a MacBook to my possessions, I am officially Mac’d out. From my classic ipod (many years ago) to the recent MacBook, I have become a prisoner of Apple I own most Apple products (sidenote: not sold on the purpose or reported ease of Apple TV…if you want to convince me, feel free to do so in the comments section).

The other day, while completing a necessary update, a warning message popped up, which read: “For best results, plug into power source…” I quickly grabbed the white power adapter and searched for the nearest wall socket, adhering to mandatory suggestion, concerned that the update will fail if solely dependent on the battery power.

For the last few days that warning box and its message has stuck with me, which led me to realize that it is applicable to goals other than updating a Mac system. I then began to think about my power sources, the places from which I can recharge and reboot when necessary to ensure the best me, especially when I am running low because of anxiety, frustration, or other debilitating thoughts or feelings.

My power source comprise a short list: my relationship with God and myself, family (not all related by blood), basketball, and writing.

What is (are) your power source(s)?


2 thoughts on “For Best Results, Plug Into Power Source

  1. this post really struck me, dwight. i think this is a really important thing for everyone to think about. as for myself, i dont have many power sources. in fact i think i have only one, and it only gives me juice SOMEtimes. most of the times it doesnt even work. i had to think really hard about this and i would say my only power source, at times, is my family. but my family is so far away. talking to them on the phone only frustrates me because of the things we tend to talk about. and going to florida only gives me juice for a short while (after not living with your parents for such a long time, it’s hard to be in a house with them again lol). other than that, i dont really have anything. it’s important that i start to really think about this though, so that i can do something about it and find these power sources for my life.

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