That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope [200th Post Edition]



Today will mark my 200th post. Wow! Thank you!

This morning, one of my homegirls via gchat told me that she and her friend read and discuss my blog as if it’s a reading club. That’s dope. Her comment made my heart smile. I am truly blown away that people are affected by my writing. I am humbled by the facebook messages, texts, emails, calls, etc. that continually offer encouragement. Additionally, I am glad to know that people are discussing these topics with others. I would like to see more comments on the actual blog, but that will come when you all ready to make it happen.

Without further ado, this week’s edition of That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope.

That’s Not Dope

  • The shooting at the Sikh temple in Milwaukee
  • Netflix
  • Healthy food (i.e. salad) costing so much more than non-healthy food (i.e. burgers)
  • Chick-A-Fil and their anti-Gay marriage claim. Do what you do best, make chicken. Reserve judgement on people’s dating and sexual preferences, which does not affect your business. Money is still green regardless with whom one sleeps.
  • Folk criticizing Two-time Gold Olympic Medalist Gabby Douglas’ hairstyle…wait, what? She just won two Gold medals and you are concerned about whether she has a fresh perm or wash and set…really?
  •  The cost of living in New York City

That’s Dope

  • Michael Phelps winning four gold medals and two silver in London even after his headshot suggested otherwise
  • Five Guys’ burgers
  • NBC’s coverage of the Olympic games, especially the stories about the athletes and their journeys
  • HBO Go
  • The sprinting rivalry between Jamaica and the United States
  • Back to School shopping



4 thoughts on “That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope [200th Post Edition]

  1. Congrats on 200!! Five Guys’ burgers are great…my waistline disagrees! I feel like “Back to School shopping” should be under “That’s Not Dope”….it was always a time of anxiety and horror in my younger years!

    • Thanks Livedlovedlost,

      The key to Five Guys is moderation; I won’t have another 700+ calorie burger for a few months. Plus, I’m sure a little thick around the waistline never hurt anyone.

      As for back to school shopping, I was more into pens and notebooks then I was clothes, which would cause a bit of anxiety with ‘looking cool.’

  2. Congrats sir, your writing definitely invokes a sense of passion that your readers can’t help but to feel! I sincerely hope that you choose to write a book one day…just know that I will be first in line! Now as for what’s not dope, Netflix, seriously?!? You must just need some suggestions or to broaden your horizons and check out the foreign films:)

    • Thanks! The book has been ruminating in my mind for a while now and it will see the light someday, even if I have to publish it myself.

      As for Netflix, its on the Not Dope Side because I was watching The Wire via the physical dvds, but it was taking too long. With Hbo Go, all the episodes are readily available. Curious, what are some suggestions? And I like foreign films so excited to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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