Random Things I Don’t Get About Relationships

Below are some random thoughts, observations, and questions I have about relationships as it pertains to dating in 2012.

  • Men acting stank and rude after getting turned down while trying to holler. Do you really think calling her nasty names afterwards will make her stop and accept your previous catcall? Accept the curve and move on with your life.
  • Women’s false assumption that they are insusceptible to the curve. Fall back…the curve can affect any and all, regardless of gender. The curve is an equal opportunity rejector.
  • The immense and varied pressures of being a woman: marriage, sex, career, family, perfection, emotions, double standards, and about a million other things that I am not privy to because I am a man.
  • The prevalent acceptance of being a side chick.
  • Not leaving a situation when one is not happy, satisfied, or fulfilled. Conversely, being unnecessarily judged and criticized for leaving or not participating in a situation.
  • Asking for advice and then doing the complete opposite.
  • Folk being extra secretive about their relationships…true you don’t have to share who you sleeping with, but if you have a serious girlfriend/boyfriend do not front like you’re single…respect your partner.
  • Fronting like that 1am text or call ain’t about what it should about…messaging and calling after midnight means…nevermind.
  • People attempting to participate in long distance relationships, even with its exceptionally high breakup rate. (sidenote: I admire fighting for love even with the odds of history against you. At this present moment in my life, I would not participate in a long distance relationship…but that’s just me.)
  • Judging others on their dating or sexual preferences. You live your life and let them live their life. As the urban philosopher, Jay-Z, once said, “What  you eat don’t make me shhh.” Thus, who they choose to kiss and sex does not add any pleasure to you, so “back up, back up…mind your business just mind your business..” (a great Fresh Prince moment)

While I might not understand the above statements and situations, I do know that Miguel’s “Adorn” is the best R&B song that I’ve heard in a while.

Have a safe weekend.


4 thoughts on “Random Things I Don’t Get About Relationships

  1. EXTRA SECRETIVE ABOUT RELATIONSHIP = creeping activities or consideration of such.
    MEN ACTING STANK AFTER BEING TURNED DOWN= emotional dudes whose model for adult behavior growing up was a house full of women or one in the position of authority, hence the deluge of emotion.

    • very interesting theory on men who act up after getting turned down. the connection made between being raised by women and showcasing emotion can easily spark a conversation around the intersection between gender and emotional display.

      Thanks for the comment

  2. Longtime reader, first time poster.

    Regarding people doing the opposite of the advice you give them: when someone is ambivalent and you argue one side, their reaction is guaranteed to be “but such and such” (whether they verbalize it or not) and as a result they internalize the opposite position. The only person who can convince one to do something is oneself. So by arguing one side, you are making them argue for the opposite! It’s better to have them verbalize the pros and cons Of course this is a simplification when dealing with love matters and emotions and all that icky stuff.

    I cannot explain the psychology of men acting rude after hollering.

    Love the blog!

    • Thanks Long time reader, first time poster.

      You are absolutely onto something about having people verbalize the pros and cons of the situation for themselves because in the end the decision resides in their hand.

      Excellent comment! Hope to hear from you again soon

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