That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope [Birthday Edition]

What a birthday weekend! I am officially 364 days away from turning thirty! Without further ado, let’s chronicle the dope and not so dope from this past week.

Not Dope

  1. Pre-gaming too hard that I miss the most anticipated party of the summer
  2. Facebook stock
  3. Receiving automated birthday wishes from my dentist’s office and an online bank that I no longer use
  4. The Olympic committee banning YouTube clips
  5. Gas prices
  6. My mother’s incessant inquiries into my love life after she heard that my best friend is engaged


  1. Birthday dinner with the family and brunch (unlimited food and alcohol for $25) with the homies
  2. Threatening to leave my cable provider and in turn receiving four movie channels and faster internet connection
  3. Facebook wall posts and messages from various people wishing me a happy birthday, which makes me feel special because they took time out of their day to acknowledge my date of birth. Thank you; truly humbled and blessed.
  4. Lebron’s ridiculous three quarters length bounce pass
  5. Google’s daily Olympic styled homepage
  6. After writing this post, receiving the following text message from the homie: 

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