What I Want For My Birthday

I was not in the mood to work out today. Similarly, I was not in the mood to write today. However, I worked out. Therefore, I’ll write so I could say I wrote.

Since I was young, I never could construct any huge wishful birthday lists. I always thought about this and that (read: economics, societal pressures of what was acceptable, etc.) and never just focused on me and what I want. Today is a new day. Here is a list of things I would like want for my birthday, in no particular order. The following items all would make my heart smile:

  • Movado watch–every man needs a dope watch. Since this list is full of wishes, let me up that to a Hublot watch. “I let my watch talk for me…” Who rapped that statement? Answer it in the comments section
  • Not hear 50 Cent wish me a happy birthday because I’m not a shorty and it’s not 2003. (Hold up! That song came out nine years ago…yep, I’m getting old. Either that or time is moving at warp speeds)
  • Prada loafers (the driving shoes to be exact)–“No Sock Summer ’12” has been in full effect and quite successful. Adding these bad boys to the collection would cause heads to turn and, more importantly, accentuate my ankles. I kid. I kid. Maybe I should go to the store and try them on *rubs chin*
  • A trip to Montreal, Costa Rica, Greece, Egypt, and Brazil–not all at once, but definitely want to make those trips happen relatively soon. My passport is ready!
  • A party that included the various “Friend circles” I’ve traversed since middle school. Yeah, I’m taking it back to that time when we were all awkward and insecure at some point, more than likely in seventh grade. Now, we are all grown and should party together. I’ve been blessed to meet hella dope people of all walks (sidenote: never quite got that idiom, but it fits here so I’ll use it) This party would include: jocks, teachers, non-teachers, overachievers, dancehall queens, musicians, A-typers, backpackers, circus performers, academia educated folk, street educated folk, color folk (of all colors, including white), twentysomethings, thirtysomethings, plussomethings, amongst others. ALL WALKS!
  • A dinner with close friends where conversation and laughter are the main dishes.
  • A special “Her” that I could call my “Queen” 
  • Golden Oreos by the truck load. Ugh. I really have a problem.
  • A new house estate with a sunroom, a deck, and a swimming pool so I could throw ridiculously fun get togethers/pool parties to celebrate me! Have it looking like a 90’s rap video, except people would actually be in the pool and women would be getting their hair wet.
  • “I want it all, brand new socks and draws.” No really, I want new socks (the summer is almost over) and draws. Silk, please. Only for the draws though. Super duper cool points if you know who rapped that line without googling the answer. Post your guess in the comments section.
  • Last, but definitely not least, a throwback Tim Dwight Atlanta Falcons jersey–my name and birth year = perfection. If anyone ever got this for me, I would name my first second born after him or her regardless of gender. Word.

4 thoughts on “What I Want For My Birthday

  1. Have no idea about the “I let my watch talk for me…” line…but the second one….*raps* I want it all, money fast cars diamond rings *mumbles incoherenly* lol That’s all I remember. Warren G and….ok….idk who else. It was a LONG time ago!

  2. What’s good with bullet point 7. The real mention but pretend scratch out. You either want it or you don’t

    • You hit it right on the head. Real mention with the pretend scratch out. Really want it but didn’t think it should be a bday list. I fall in love with my future queen I want it to be organic, not simply done for my bday

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