The Three Most Told Lies in the Digital Age

Here are the three most told lies in these digital streets. We are all perpetrators. Yep! Every single last one of us have completed one of these lies within the last month. If you haven’t then you ain’t living right.
  • “My computer/phone was hacked”–this lie has been popularized by celebrities desperately seeking attention to (re)create a buzz. When their album or latest project is about to come out, often a personal picture or video leaks and is instantly consumed by the public. Their name and image are then plastered on blog sites and news websites for a couple days, generating the necessary attention. Kim Kardashian’s “success” will forever be linked to her sextape with Ray J, which leaked around the time of her show’s first season. No one has ever been able to tell me her talent  The days of actual talent and skills has been reduced to marketing oneself well in our society’s obsessive reality binge. No shade or judgement. I’m glad she’s getting that money. This lie is not just for the rich and fake famous; no, it is also uttered within pedestrian circles, often involving a regrettable drunk dial/text or a raunchy picture seen by someone for which said picture (or video) was not intended.
  • “I didn’t get your text” or “What missed call?”–during the first wave of text messaging, it was possible for one’s text to truly get lost in the network. Other times your text would reach its destination hours, even days, after you initially sent it. Those mishaps are now rare like a waterfall in the Sahara. Often this lie is used to cover up the fact that one received a text and did not want to respond or worse gave the caller “the look off” (aka ignoring the phone call because you knew who was calling and did not want to be bothered with him/her/them at that moment). This lie when coupled with “I was in [insert name of location] and there was terrible reception” often works…but barely.
  • Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions–this is the number one lie told by us all. If you pay bills or shop online you have undoubtedly checked the box next to the terms and conditions without even taking a peep at the words residing within that dense text box. No one has “time” to sit there and read through all those terms and conditions that somehow apply to you, but feel like they don’t. Heck, no. Just click the box and move on with the transaction (sidenote: I tried to read one of those terms and conditions boxes once and got maybe two sentences in before I realized that I would never do that again).

What are some other popular lies told in this digital age? Please share in the comments section.


4 thoughts on “The Three Most Told Lies in the Digital Age

  1. Pretending that you didn’t look up every detail about someone that you are about to meet… Think online dating, job interviews, etc etc. A genuine “oh, really?” is quite rare these days!

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