I’ll Always Remember My First Time

If you do not fondly remember know the above image and cannot recite a few words from the chorus, you and I cannot be friends. Simple.

These two Chris-es from Atlanta had the country’s underage population wearing their clothes backwards as if they were the ambassadors of the National Backwards Movement. I know I followed their example…a couple of times. I am no longer not ashamed to mention that fact out loud to others. And I’m sure that you wore your clothes backwards too, even if you never left your house and no one, other than the mirror’s reflection, ever saw you. No judgement.

In fact, Kris Kross was the first concert that I ever attended back in 1992 or 1993. I’m leaning toward ’92 because that was the year that they were super duper hot; their album just came out and they had the radio stations proverbially locked. Plus, I vaguely remember my mom making me feel extra special because I wasn’t ten yet. That last memory could have conjured up over time. Alas, the problem with memory.

While the events of the night are undoubtedly murky, here is a list of the things I definitely remember:

  • I went with my cousin, who is two years older than me (sidenote: here is her text message she sent me this morning after I asked her if she remembered that night: Yes, I remember the concert, but I don’t remember being there. I have pictures from that concert so I will check.)
  •  My aforementioned cousin swooning at the Madison Square Garden marquee because her “baby,” John Starks, played there.
  • Feeling explicably young and little surrounded by tweens, teenagers and their parents
  • Having no clue who the opening acts were: one was a rap group (Diggin’ in the Crates?) and the other was a singer (Brandy, maybe?)
  • Feeling silly that I did not wear my clothes backwards that night
  • Reciting the words to “I Miss the Bus” as best I could (sidenote: rapping along with your then-favorite rappers at their rap concert with a few thousand others is much more difficult than doing it alone with your walkman).
  • Going ape sh!t when “Jump, Jump” came on, as did the entire arena.
  • They performed “Jump, Jump” multiple times; during each rendition, I maintained my ape sh!t level of excitement
  • At the 2:00 min mark was my absolute favorite, reason-I-loved-them part of the song 
  • Surprised at the abrupt end of the show and how quickly the arena, which seemed filled to the brim, emptied out so quickly on the New York City streets
  • Thinking that was the best night of my life

What was your first concert experience? What’s one thing that you remember most about it? Please share in the comments section.


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