Warming Down

My legs ached.

Climbing four flights of stairs to return to my office repeatedly reminded me of this fact. As I slowly walked upstairs, each step flexing a soon-to-be-bigger muscle, I realized that I did not warm down after the workout. Someone somewhere told me that the body benefits from the warm down after the workout as it does from the warm up. Thus, I normally spend roughly eight to ten minutes mindlessly biking in a stationary position. While my knees rise and drop, pushing  the low resistance pedals around the chained loop, my mind relaxes: I reflect on the workout; I think about the different tasks that I have to complete; I order and prioritize those tasks, which are all secondary to figuring out what to eat; then, I stop thinking about all that stuff and zone out; I enjoy the silence; I am mentally awakened by the beep, signaling that I’m done.

When I reached my room, I further realized that I do not take that moment to warm down in my personal life. I do not take the necessary time to quiet my brain, organize my thoughts, reflect on my day, and imagine my tomorrow often, if at all. There is so much time spent being fake busy: incessantly checking emails, following twitter, composing and reading texts, reviewing my blog stats, and keeping up with friends by only checking their updated Facebook pages. Sure there are real and important things, mainly my five year old, that keep me busy throughout the day, but regardless, I notice the necessity of warming down.

If it can help my body grow and develop, it should be able to do the same for my soul.


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