That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope

Time for another edition of That’s Dope…That’s Not Dope (note: slight name change; hence why I omitted the ‘III’). Also, I’m changing the order around so that I end with the dopest.

Not Dope
  1. Sportscenter and its overwhelming coverage of Penn State and the now tarnished legacy of Joe Paterno…instant mood depressant
  2. Sunday evenings preparing for Monday
  3. Folding clothes after washing them
  4. All eight Jay Z concerts selling out before I could get a ticket *cough* would make a dope birthday present *cough*
  5. Tax evasion (word to Lauryn Hill and Beanie Sigel)
  6. Dwight Howard trade saga…NBA fans are no longer interested in where he ends up at this point


  1. The imagination and creativity of a five year old and younger children in general
  2. Saturday mornings
  3. Jay Z performing eight shows at the soon to be opened Barclays Arena in Brooklyn
  4. Anticipation of “The Dark Night Rises”
  5. Amusement Parks
  6. Bubble wrap (don’t front and act like you don’t get excited when you see bubble wrap; it’s ok…we all love it!)


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