Dear Future Wife, Size Matters…

Before you throw that beautifully arranged bouquet towards the crowd of your single female friends, all standing behind you, during our ratchet, yet appropriately fun, reception; before we dance our first dance as husband and wife together to our song; before the pastor/priest marries us in front of the Lord, our family, and friends; before you put on that beautiful dress that took you a while to find, but fits you oh so perfectly, making you look like the queen you are; before I even propose; before we even date, I want to share the key to our marriage.

Bed Size.

Yep, according to a few sources (read: my married cousin with co-signs from a few other people), our bed size will play a major factor in our future success as husband and wife.

While I haven’t slept in a full sized bed since 2001, not counting those four years of resting my head on a extra long twin sized bed during college, we will start off our marriage with one because: I want to battle the blistering cold winter weather under plush down comforters, aided by our natural body heat; I want to feel your every movement, and for you to feel mine; I want to be within a short arm’s length of having your frame pressed against mine, never too far from a warm embrace; I want sleep entangled within your arms and legs.

All of that loving proximity will be lost in a king sized bed. When I reach out at night to touch you, I do not want to grasp high-thread-count sheets. No. Instead, I want to grip your waist and pull you closer, having your head rest on my toned (sidenote: can I live? Thanks) chest and shoulders. And what better way to ensure and facilitate that kind of connection daily, then a full sized bed.

As the marriage continues, we can consider getting a larger a bed. But honestly, at that time, we should consider getting even smaller; keep that fire burning.

What would be/has been an unlikely key to your (future) marriage? Please share in the comments section.


8 thoughts on “Dear Future Wife, Size Matters…

  1. Hmmm… not sure if I agree. We have a Queen and still sleep right next to each other with the convenience of having some space every now and then on hot summer nights.

    • I think a queen may work…a little space is necessary as long as it doesn’t become too consistent…physical separation can lead to separation of another kind as well. I do know that I am staying away from a king size bed though.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts/experience

  2. I think my ex husband and my relationship was best when we were somehow sharing a twin, because I didn’t have enough money for a bigger bed. I like it best being able to snuggle. I concur.

    • Thanks for the concurrence.

      I know that one of my favorite relationships was during college because of the twin size bed and the ‘forced’ intimacy.

      Funny story: one time during college I pushed two twin sizes together and we actually argued for the whole time the two beds were together #random

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