I believe in…

I believe in love, family, forgiveness, beauty within all, the small things in life, Sportscenter, sex so good that you dream about it, and that good literature is not limited to dead white men. I believe that the 2008 Olympic basketball team and their decision to play with each will forever change the NBA. I believe that music and sound provide a path to the spirit, math is universal, and reading is necessary. I believe in trying as if failure does not exist, failing and learning from it, attempting new things to keep life fresh and livable, following one’s passion ambitiously, creating, and learning for life. I believe that my son will be a better man than I am, that he will leave an indelible mark on someone’s life and always be remembered for it. I believe that capitalism has robbed us all, greed has destroyed compassion, social networks have created a generation of hollow relationships, texting has substituted conversation, emotional¬†vulnerabilities have risen and self-esteem and self-love have rapidly declined because something real is missing. I believe in technology and its ability to connect and teach us once we learn how to use it properly. I believe in dualism, contradictions, truth, difference, and yin and yang. I believe the United State’s perceived failing school system works perfectly well for the continued destruction of people of color and the poor, that the booming prison industry will continue to soar unless we make fundamental changes that will benefit all. I believe that we can learn from our youngest children because their imagination and creativity has yet been shackled with responsibilities and stereotypes. I believe that parents need to parent their children and stop trying to be best friends with them; there will be time for that when they are older. I believe in goals, tattoos, sex, dinners with friends were laughter is the main course, wine, scotch, and memories. I believe in please and thank you. I believe in personal change, only when ready and not forced or ultimatumed (note: I know that’s not a word; work with me. Thanks.)¬†I believe that spelling contests are awesome and every word processing program has stripped away our concern and ability to spell correctly. I believe in smiles, hugs, and tiny kisses that make you giggle. I believe that obstacles, bumps, bruises, and disappointment are healthy for character. I believe in the now.

So what do you believe in?


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