Bad Religion

Last night, while I was sleeping, Frank Ocean made his television debut on Jimmy Fallon. Before he performed his touching song, “Bad Religion,” it was announced that his debut album, Channel Orange would be available on iTunes, a week earlier than the previously stated July 17th date. While some may argue that Frank is attempting to capitalize on the media’s recent fascination with him and his announcement, I would argue that he is attempting to save the integrity of his music, from getting in the hands of bootleggers, who would profit from a distorted product. To allow the public to receive his music the way he intended, he is streaming the album for free on his tumblr page. That seems to be the way Frank operates; on his time, in his way. Regardless of his intention, which he knows, last night he performed the song that sparked questions about his sexuality.

In his lyrics, he bemoans unrequited love for him.

I heard it.

I saw him say it.

And it mattered.

Yet, more important to me was the hurt and healing conveyed through the lyrics that stretched over various topics: religion, love, and search for identity. He also touched on: wearing masks to hide truth, outrunning personal demons, wanting someone to listen and help, and finding reconciliation between the truth and oneself. He bared himself in a way that is deeply personal, yet understandable by the masses; I connected with his song and message.

Once again, thank you, Frank Ocean


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