That’s Dope…That’s Not II

Time for another installment of “That’s Dope…That’s Not,” in which I chronicle what’s dope and what’s not dope in the past week or so. Enjoy!


  1. BET Awards 2012 
  2. NBA Free Agency
  3. Anything involving water during this heat wave…preferably sprinklers
  4. Frank Ocean sharing that he fell in love with a man; Anderson Cooper sharing that he is gay
  5. Family time…loved our adventure to South Street Seaport
  6. Watching the hot dog eating contest in Coney Island live…gross and awesome at the same damn time. 
Not Dope
  1. Soulja Boy’s long, dirty nails on full display during Whitney Houston’s magnificent tribute 
  2. Sportscenter and only boring redundant baseball highlights
  3. Anything the Knicks do in free agency
  4. Not having any BBQ on July 4th…had Chinese food, but I’m over it now
  5. People claiming that they already knew Anderson Cooper is gay…until someone shares their sexuality, one should not make assumptions
  6. People claiming that Frank Ocean is gay or bisexual…he never said that; let him define himself if he chooses

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