Notice Anything Different

Since my first post, I have never been satisfied with the appearance of the blog: the text size was too small, making the posts difficult to read; the comments would not show up on the actual posts, causing readers to make an extra click to see the comments. There were other complaints that frustrated me, but I will spare you the minute details with which I found fault (it’s simply too hot for all that). Instead of worrying about the way the blog looked, I focused my attention and energy on the context, with which readers are most concerned.

Sadly, I succumbed to vanity and spent the last couple of hours playing around with different themes. I decided to rock with this one (Sidenote: There was another, more artsy theme that I really liked but it only displayed the last ten posts and didn’t easily allow to check previous posts and such). While I am still not pleased with the comments section being a click away, I enjoy the overall appearance of this one much more than the previous one.

Additionally, I played around with the widgets, the objects on the side column. There is now a Facebook one, for which I had to create a BetweenTheWorldAndMe fan page. Take a moment and ‘like’ the page if you can. I will add something to the fan page…maybe you all can tell me what you would like on the fan page.

Lastly, stay cool. Most of the continental USA is currently experiencing a heat wave; New York City might crack the three digits, which is just rude!

Blast those ACs or fans, drink lots of water, and run around in some sprinklers.


2 thoughts on “Notice Anything Different

  1. Hmmm… the comments have always showed up at the bottom for me. But now the whole post doesn’t show up in my Google reader 😦

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