I Cannot Resist Her…No Matter How Hard I Try

We met shortly after I moved to the Bronx; previously, I lived with my grandparents in St. Martin for a few years. I was struck by her red hair, never seeing anyone before her with that fiery natural hair color. I grew up mostly around Blacks and Latinos, so to say that she stuck out would be a gross understatement. Her sparkling white teeth simultaneously grabbed my attention. Even as a little boy, I was attracted to beautiful smiles, often magnified by the teeth’s whiteness. More than anything, I remember how sweet she was to me. I remember excitedly calling my grandparents and telling them about her. My Papa listened and said that I shouldn’t spend too much time with her, stressing “once in a while.” And whatever my Papa said, went.

And so it went.

We would meet up every once in a while, normally bumping into each other at the grocery store, but mostly at the local bodega (aka corner store) by school.

And so it went.

We would stay in contact throughout the years, without the help of Facebook and text messages.

I was reminded of her today while grocery shopping because I picked her up again.

I cannot resist her, Little Debbie, no matter how hard I try.

What’s the one thing (your inner foodie’s guilty pleasure) that you try to not buy, but buckle and do it anyway?

I would love to hear about them in the comments section. *Wondering if there are any other Little Debbie fans*



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