My Favorite Holiday…Happy 4th

I am not sure why I love Independence Day, which I affectionately call, “The Fourth.” Maybe it’s the phenomenal movie that shares the same name and also provides this post’s title image. Maybe its the many delicious, fun BBQs I have attended over the course of my life (sidenote: this year may be the first year that I will not have BBQ…cry for me)(second sidenote: this year I went to Coney Island with my son to view the Hot Dog eating contest, which was an awesome and gross experience at the same damn time. Overall, I had a great time walking the boardwalk…lot of summer outfits, not enough summer bodies though…but no judgement…I’m chillin’). Maybe its the fireworks (side story: one time, my friend, an acquaintance, someone who lived on my block, David, we called him “The Mayor” because at the time the mayor of New York City was David Dinkins, lost his thumb to a firework malfunction). Maybe its the time I got drunk in college with the track team playing drinking games with red wine (never doing that again…well…maybe never). Maybe its the fact that I was born this month…twenty five more days until I turn twenty-nine on the twenty-ninth (sidenote: I asked my mom what are the plans for my birthday and her response verbatim: “You need a girlfriend so she could make plans for you.” In fact, “You need a girlfriend” has become her standard answer to everything I ask. Smh…more on that in another post).

Whatever it is, I truly enjoy this holiday.

Hopefully you are having a great time.

Be safe. Your thumbs will thank you later.

Lastly, if you live in NYC and wouldn’t mind an extra person (or two) at your BBQ, hit me up in the comments section. I’m so serious though!


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