Last 25 Hours

I was in my car for the last 25 hours; I drove, slept, left NYC, arrived in Detroit, left Detroit, returned to NYC with my son.

Here is a random list:

  • “Am I the only one singing and dancing right now?” my son said to me while we were listening to Michael Jackson’s “Bad.” I cannot explain how great that comment was or how much fun we had dancing to MJ during the car ride. It was better than watching “The Dream Team” documentary, which I really liked.
  • Thanks for the texts, which told me not to drive and text…my friends…smh, and phone calls to check on me during my expedition.
  • Number of bugs killed > number of pimples I had as a hormone filled teenager (note: I had hella acne as a teenager).
  • Running over creatures <<<<<<<<<<<<
  • I still feel terrible for that small animal, whose last moment involved being under my front left tire…like seriously, I feel like a horrible human being because of it.
  • Pandora literally saved my life by giving me life when I was tired.
  • Pandora stations played: Waka (had to blast my hood booger music to motivate the first leg), Sade (too much hood booger music led to a strong desire to listen to music with meaning and love), Michael Jackson (my son and I sang, danced, and choreographed…you’re jealous), and finally Machel Montano (needed some lively soca, calypso, and reggae to keep my awake while my son slept mostly through most of Pennslyvania)
  • Nothing welcomes you to NYC like bumper to bumper, 45 minute delaying traffic…thanks New York City
  • Cruise control saved my feet from hurting
  • The United States is a sprawling country…hella trees and open space
  • Ohio has the best radio stations, especially the Toledo area, which was referred to as “Glass area” (Editor’s note: can one of my readers explain what this means because currently I believe Toledo either has hella glass factories and/or there’s “broken glass everywhere…” who knows that lyric?)
  • There is a stretch in the backwoods of Pennslyvania where I was engulfed in serious struggle: no 3G, only Edge, which meant no Pandora…I almost died…literally
  • My son told everyone in the fast food restaurant that he is now a first grader…need to review “stranger danger” tomorrow

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