That’s Dope and That’s Not

This week, I decided to boogie board on another bloggers’ wave (read: I am copying another bloggers’ style) with That’s Dope and That’s Not. I will highlight what’s dope and not dope over the last week. Enjoy!

That’s Dope

  1. NBA TV’s documentary, “The Dream Team.”
  2. The NBA Finals (Lebron vs. Durant is living up to the high expectations).
  3. French Montana got a summer time club hit on his hand with this one.
  4. Getting a free MacBook for work.
  5. Nas’ listening party.
  6. Euro Cup 2012
Not Dope 
  1. Drake and Chris Brown fight in WIP (update: Drake apparently sent Chris Brown a note stating, ” I am [bedding] the love of your life.”)
  2. The narrator from the documentary, “The Dream Team.”
  3. Christian Laettner as the lone collegiate on The Dream Team (Random fact: Shaq was eligible for the team and not chosen).
  4. Rick Ross’ MMG listening party at a strip club (seems contradictory to type that sentence in this section…it is what it is).
  5. Not hearing Dj Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince’s “Summertime” at a summer party.
  6. Having a broken kitchen faucet

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