When YOLO Goes Wrong

Drake popularized the saying “YOLO” (an acronym for You Only Live Once) with his infectious Bay area influenced smash single, “The Motto” (random fact: YOLO is a popular restaurant in Miami and other cities in the U.S…so that chain restaurant easily won with all the random and frequent publicity).

Since the song and its wildly popular line hit the public’s consciousness, people have done some outrageous acts, screaming “YOLO” as a way to defend their often daredevil-like or risky behavior.


That’s right; the streaker wrote YOLO on both his chest and his back as he ran around the baseball diamond, chased by security guards, anxious to taser and beat his ass subdue him.

Well last night, YOLO went terribly wrong in a local New York City hot spot. According to sources, Drake and Chris Brown, both upset about the other bedding Rihanna, clashed at WIP, a funky artsy nightclub in the popular SoHo area.While their bodyguards scuffled, Drake, allegedly threw a bottle at Chris Brown that cut the singer’s chin (see above picture…not the randomness in his nose, but the semi-bloodly gash on his chin).

There is so much to discuss about this pillsbury soft, tough act encounter, but here are my top three main points:

  • There is absolutely, positively no reason to fight over a 24 year old woman, who is clearly enacting her personal right to be promiscuous. She’s 24! That’s what 24 year olds should do! When she’s 25-27 and her biological clock starts ticking then she might be ready to think about settling down…until then, let her good girl turned bad self be bad!
  • You don’t see her rumored past lovers (and these are just the ones that are reported): Matt Kemp, Ashton Kutcher, Meek Mill, Darren McFadden, Andrew Bynum, J.R. Smith, and the Hamburgular fighting each other…nope because they understand point number one.
  • I really don’t have a third point, but three reasons sounded better than two. Umm…re-read point one again.



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