My Son, His Tooth, and Mind Reading


I love my son! He is hands down, without a doubt, my favorite person in the world not only because he resembles me or loves me unconditionally because he has a funny sense of humor and a great personality. Here are two quick stories:

Me: I saw the picture with your tooth missing.
Him: You did?
Me: Yeah. Did you put it under the pillow for the tooth fairy?
Him: (no hesitation) Nope.
Me: What? Why not? (startled and confused)
Him: I think I’m going to keep this one. I put it on my dresser. I’ll give the next one to the tooth fairy, but I want to keep one for me.
Me: I love you!

End Scene

Him: What did you say, Daddy?
Me: I didn’t say anything.
Him: Oh, I thought you did.
Me: Nope.
Him: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, I’m sure.
Him: Well I know what you were going to say?
Me: What? (startled and confused)
Him: (no hesitation) I know what you were going to say?
Me: (exaggerated) No, you didn’t.
Him: (exaggerated) Yes. I. Did. You were going to say, ‘I love you.’
Me: (smiling) You are absolutely correct.
Him: (quickly) I know. I’m a mind reader.
Me: Really? If you’re a minder reader then what I am thinking about right now?
Him: (no hesitation) You’re thinking about me.
Me: (laughing) You are correct again.
Him: I know. You’re always thinking about me.

End Scene


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