Lessons Learned from Sebastian [Cruel Intentions]


The other day I bragged about my love for “Coming to America.” This morning, at 6am, I decided to watch a movie to start my day. As always, I was tempted to watch Eddie Murphy as Prince Akeem search for his “Queen to be,” but decided against it. I started to fumble through my dvd collection, bored with some of the possible options. Then I saw “Cruel Intentions” nestled between “Saw” and “House Party” (Don’t judge me…yes, my DVDs are unorganized.)

“Cruel Intentions” is a great dark romantic comedy about Upper East Side high school students, released in 1999 (although I did not see it until its DVD release) with an amazing and beautiful cast, starring: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillipe, Reese Witherspoon, Selma Blair, and the token black guy, who has one of the funniest scenes centered on race and class Sean Patrick Thomas (editor’s note:whatever happened to him…really all of them? Didn’t two of them get married or have babies or something…sorry, I digress.).

While the sun rose, I watched Sebastian, our conflicted protagonist, battle his inner demons, damaging relationships along the way. Eventually, his issues lead to his unfortunate death (editor’s note: not at all pleased that our lovable black character is responsible for his violent death…but that’s just me and the lenses through which I look at things). Here are some observations and thoughts (as always, in no particular order):

-Everyone has personal issues, which are further complicated because we interact with others and their personal issues…just a personal issue orgy.
-Sebastian’s Jaguar XK roadster is beyond dope
-Sexual conquests eventually become boring (Word!)
-Women and friendships = oil and water gross generalization, but I don’t apologize because it is what I observed in the movie
-When faced with love, like Sebastian, many sabotage it consciously or unconsciously because we do not recognize that we deserve to be happy.
-There is only one black man (no black women, no Latinos or Asians) in all of Upper East Side, Manhattan
-Cocaine is a hell of a drug *Dave Chappelle voice*
-Many “hide” addictions, fears, etc. behind religion
-When one tries to turn his/her life around is when the enemy attacks the hardest
-Sebastian is a dope ass name
-Saying “I love you” while dying is possibly the best way to die; I want to die like that…not really, but kinda…ok, too morbid
-Lucy Liu is still gorgeous (she was not in the movie, remember no Asians were…but I saw her in commercial as I was typing this list).


One thought on “Lessons Learned from Sebastian [Cruel Intentions]

  1. Lmao! Cruel intentions was an amazing movie at the time, that reinforced my high school fixation on White boys and Buffy- I mean, Sarah Michelle Gellar (I went to an all girls school). Cruel Intentions’ Soundtrack is still one of my favorite soundtracks. What’s awesome though, is that Cruel Intentions is the teenage version of Dangerous Liasons or Les Liasons Dangereuses, a play. I got a chance to do a scene from it in Grad School and I will be playing the same role (SMG’s character) in a reading of LLD on the 18th! Coincidence? I think not!!

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