Deserted Island…Which Movie?

Imagine you are stranded on a deserted island and you can only bring one movie that you will somehow (don’t trip on the logistics…thanks) watch repeatedly. Which movie will you bring with you and why?

What would I pick, you ask?



This movie has it all; love, comedy, Eddie Murphy at his best, the funniest songs, connection to another great movie starring Eddie Murphy, Earl Jones and his voice, beautiful women, McDonald’s parody, Samuel L. Jackson doing what he does best (yelling), and the coolest side kick, Semi, the funniest dating scenes, which accurately represent the eccentric women of NYC, etc.

Leave your movie in the comments.

Enjoy your weekend!


3 thoughts on “Deserted Island…Which Movie?

  1. Interesting choice. I guess you like that movie enough to watch it over and over and over again until you were rescued. It would be a tough choice for me, but I would go with the original Planet of the Apes. It’s got thrills, chills, apes and Charleton Heston’s butt. 🙂

  2. Boomerang. Hands down. Early Eddie Murphy, Halle Berry, Martin Lawrence, David Allen Grier, Robin Givens. Classic black comedy.

  3. Purple Rain.there is drama, music, sensuality, comedy (yes, I am referring to when Apalonia gets slapped across the room) and a hopeful and happy ending! Can’t get enough of it. I could take my time to be rescued to practice singing because I won’t be getting any grammys working with the voice I have.

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