My Absence…I apologize

I absolutely love how I can find anything I need on the internet. Thank you, Google.

Editor’s note: I actually started this blog post two days ago. By started, I mean that I found the cool picture and wrote…

…I’m back!

Sorry for the hiatus. This is the second extended break from my blog, and I apologize. Unlike the first one, this recent break was not deliberate or meditated or planned; it occurred strictly by happenstance and circumstance (read: I have a job, and they ain’t playing! Even my mother yelled at me for being, “entirely too busy!” Sorry Mom!)

While I am pressed for time before I head out to yet another work event tonight, I would like to share a few things that I have learned during this break:

  • Not being to brain dumb write has been excruciatingly difficult…this break has been harder than any other break I have endured. I constantly came up with different ideas for blogs. I know, I know. I could have written notes on my iphone, but I request that you withhold judgement. Remember, this blog is a judgement free zone. Thanks!
  • So many different people read my blog; I felt blessed and humble. Over the Memorial weekend, I went back to commencement at the best university in the country and various people encouraged me to keep writing. Special thanks to Facebook for helping…sorry about your stoc…nevermind.
  • Hills are deceptive…while at the base of the hill, the journey upward looks terrifyingly scary, so much so that I often wondered if I would be able to make it up to the finish. But I did; I kept moving my feet and breathing and always made it to the top of the hill. While this occurred on a biking trip through the rolling hills of Amish country, I will apply that strategy to other aspects of my life. Watch out, upcoming obstacles, I’m prepared!
  • I still, unnecessarily, care about what other people think about me; I noticed that it prevented me a couple times over the last couple of weeks of getting what I want. No bueno!
  • I have fallen in love with semi-colons; they’re dope!
  • Zombies are real; I’m so glad I have a working zombie evacuation plan.
  • I look good in a bowtie!
  • And people do not recognize me right away because of my beard.
  • I am thankful for my life!
  • Yoga pants are making a strong push to overtake my love of the dresses of the sun!

That’s enough; I’m already late to this event that started fifteen minutes (+) ago!

*Shrug* I don’t care.



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