Ode to the Weekend

Oh, the weekend always acts like a flirtatious vixen, teasing me with two days and nights of excitement, intrigue, and wonder; she forcefully pushes me into the draining arms of Monday, who tosses me to his buddies, all of whom make up the collective known as the Work Week. She rescues me from Friday’s evil evening grip to start our romantically abusive cycle. Cruel pleasure, but I love her!

Ten notes and observations from my weekend (in no particular order):

  1. Spontaneously participated in a pancake eating contest at 2am
  2. New York City is filled with beautiful women…like everywhere…seriously!
  3. I thought I was tall at 6’2″ until I hung out with a group of guys who averaged 6’7″…never felt so tiny before
  4. Relaxing evening with friends and drinks always win over a night at the club…sometimes
  5. Family time spent playing UNO can either boost or obliterate one’s value of self (editor’s note: still not talking to my brother…I kid…kinda…also realized everyone in my family is hyper-competitive)
  6. Ate breakfast with a best friend at 5:30am
  7. Club bathrooms harbor drugs (editor’s note: weirdest three minute span in my life…thought about sharing but yeah if you ever partied in a NYC club you have seen some things)
  8. Californians are unmistakeably “cool”…like all of them
  9. Blazers and chucks are universally accepted everywhere like a VISA card
  10. Finished season 1 of The Wire

Share a bit about your weekend in the comment section


One thought on “Ode to the Weekend

  1. Love this post. New York in the summer…So lovely! I’m super late, BUT this weekend my goals are:

    1) Laugh out loud. Seriously, really loud. In public, so people wonder what’s so funny. I don’t know why. I think laughter is contagious. 🙂

    2) Paint my fingernails and toenails. It’s a stress reliever.

    3) Do something crazy. Not too crazy…hmm…I’m rethinking this one…

    4) Reconnect with some friends!

    I like this list 🙂

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