Congratulations Lebron James


Congratulations Lebron James on winning your third MVP award in the last four seasons. If not for the remarkably harsh unfair backlash from “The Decision” you would have won the MVP award last year. No disrespect (editor’s note: my favorite introductory phrase of all time because what follows next is always disrespectful) to Derrick Rose and his great season last year, but you were truly the best player in the league; you have been the best for the last few years.

Unfortunately, we, the public, are currently taking your skills and talents for granted. You are, hands down, the most efficient player in the league, controlling and dominating the game in multiple ways from your stellar defense to your superior offensive skills. You still need to work on those post moves to truly become unstoppable in my humble opinion. Your decision this year to spend more time in the post has raised your field goal percentage and have made scoring even easier for you. Once you win that elusive NBA championship ring, your legacy will be cemented in the top tier of NBA’s hierarchical royalty.

Once again, congratulations Lebron James.


2 thoughts on “Congratulations Lebron James

  1. Well said. I agree with everything you said. His taking less 3’s definitely added to his efficacy. Let’s see if this is the year that he finally wins that ring….

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