Roughly Twenty Hours of Solitude

100 Years of Solitude

Ok…ok…I did not complete 100 years of solitude (great book by Marquez by the way…yeah, I read it in Spanish back in high school), but it sure felt comparable as I drove for roughly twenty hours this past weekend to and from Detroit. In honor of the time spent in my car, I decided to share twenty thoughts that crossed my mind during those twenty hours of solitude (in no particular order):

  1. Detroit is far…
  2. Good thing I can never be convicted for my many murders…of bugs. Weapon of choice: windshield.
  3. Michael Jackson really is the greatest artist ever…my five year old son and I grooved to a few of hits on the way to the Detroit Tigers game. Our favorites (read: the only songs we played) were: Thriller (2x), Blame It On The Boogie, I’ll Be There, and Smooth Criminal
  4. My son has rhythm…he was clapping on the right beat and his dance moves included moving his extremities, mostly his arms, not confined by the seat belt. I’ll have him two-stepping by the end of the summer. Word.
  5. I understand unconditional love because of my son
  6. New York City was rocking this past weekend with game nights, day parties, tequila, shooting of music videos, first Saturday at the Brooklyn Arts Museum, more parties, more tequila, fight night…and I was happily 650 miles away
  7. My car is racking up miles on it, but that’s what it’s made for 
  8. The Detroit Tigers introduction songs for their batters sounded like a NOW cd populated by hip hop songs (and like two rock songs and the obligatory latin, crossover hit)…My favorite Tigers’ player is Dalmon Young because he played this…”The Boss back!”
  9. Most of the 42,000+ fans had no clue about those blaring tunes…except for the two rock ones
  10. My son can eat (like his daddy); my son can sleep (not like his daddy)
  11. Twenty hours of driving by myself is long time…
  12. Self-reflection is painfully necessary and I kept thinking about the not-so-good parts about me but twenty hours of it is overkill. Sorry bugs!
  13. I need to be a better friend, son, brother, teacher…just include all my identities…
  14. I need to be more selfish (in a good way)
  15. I need to use the bathroom
  16. My mother is absolutely great; she called me at 3:30am to check up on me during my after midnight, early morning drive on Saturday
  17. My mother is absolutely great; she called me on Sunday to let me know the Knicks won…the excitement in her voice got me hype (and gave me some needed energy).
  18. My right heel hurts
  19. Cruise control is not as dope as it seems
  20. “We don’t stop at the tolls, we have EZ passes.”

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