My Absence…I apologize

I absolutely love how I can find anything I need on the internet. Thank you, Google.

Editor’s note: I actually started this blog post two days ago. By started, I mean that I found the cool picture and wrote…

…I’m back!

Sorry for the hiatus. This is the second extended break from my blog, and I apologize. Unlike the first one, this recent break was not deliberate or meditated or planned; it occurred strictly by happenstance and circumstance (read: I have a job, and they ain’t playing! Even my mother yelled at me for being, “entirely too busy!” Sorry Mom!)

While I am pressed for time before I head out to yet another work event tonight, I would like to share a few things that I have learned during this break:

  • Not being to brain dumb write has been excruciatingly difficult…this break has been harder than any other break I have endured. I constantly came up with different ideas for blogs. I know, I know. I could have written notes on my iphone, but I request that you withhold judgement. Remember, this blog is a judgement free zone. Thanks!
  • So many different people read my blog; I felt blessed and humble. Over the Memorial weekend, I went back to commencement at the best university in the country and various people encouraged me to keep writing. Special thanks to Facebook for helping…sorry about your stoc…nevermind.
  • Hills are deceptive…while at the base of the hill, the journey upward looks terrifyingly scary, so much so that I often wondered if I would be able to make it up to the finish. But I did; I kept moving my feet and breathing and always made it to the top of the hill. While this occurred on a biking trip through the rolling hills of Amish country, I will apply that strategy to other aspects of my life. Watch out, upcoming obstacles, I’m prepared!
  • I still, unnecessarily, care about what other people think about me; I noticed that it prevented me a couple times over the last couple of weeks of getting what I want. No bueno!
  • I have fallen in love with semi-colons; they’re dope!
  • Zombies are real; I’m so glad I have a working zombie evacuation plan.
  • I look good in a bowtie!
  • And people do not recognize me right away because of my beard.
  • I am thankful for my life!
  • Yoga pants are making a strong push to overtake my love of the dresses of the sun!

That’s enough; I’m already late to this event that started fifteen minutes (+) ago!

*Shrug* I don’t care.



My Chaperone Speech


On this beautiful Saturday, I’m chaperoning a student conference.

What fun!

On the bus, I shared the following points to the students about the ending party, which is a major draw:

-the party is over at 11pm; I will be on the bus heading back to campus at 11:10pm. If you are not on the bus, oh well; find a way home.

-make sure you get that number(s) before 11pm because I will be the one to embarrass you by interrupting your/his/her game. Please believe!

One student laughed

-I’m not joking. Trust. I’m not the one.


Why Black People Love Kung-Fu/Karate Movies


Actually, I do not know why black people love kung-fu/karate movies. Let me backtrack; I do not want to make gross generalizations especially since blackness is not monolithic, though many believe the contrary.

I like kung-fu/karate movies because of the action. I recently saw The Raid: Redemption because…well…the action looked unbelievably amazing. AND. IT. WAS.

Additionally, I love the bits of knowledge, words of wisdom that are shared between fight scenes. The best was Bruce Lee!

Below are some of my favorite quotes; hopefully, you will find one that inspires you:

Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.

A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at.

As you think, so shall you become.

I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine.

If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.

It’s not the daily increase but daily decrease. Hack away at the unessential.

Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.

Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while the bamboo or willow survives by bending with the wind.

Empty your mind, be formless. Shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.

Those who are unaware they are walking in darkness will never seek the light.

Simplicity is the key to brilliance.

Diddy Invented the Remix, So No Surprise He Had The Hottest Verse!

Let him tell it, and Diddy will holler that he invented the remix. As I think about that statement, 112’s “Only You” and Total’s “Can’t You See” blare in my mind’s stereo. Actually, the more that phrase ruminates, I realize he may be right; clearly, he did not invent the remix, but he’s hands down the best to do it since the mid 90’s.

“Can’t stop, won’t stop” *Diddy bops in the judgement free zone*

Last night, Diddy took his obnoxious, braggadocios talk (editor’s note: Diddy is the best sh!t talker ever known in hip hop history…no debate!) to one of this year’s mandatory ATL summer smashes, Future’s “Same Damn Time.”

Here are a couple of the highlights with my comments written in my best instigating voice:

  • 0:00-0:15–Talk that talk Diddy; these motherhumpers want to take your kindness for weakness. Nah, son! Blow their face off!
  • 0:30-0:36–You half-breeds better get your pedigree up *snatches mic out of your reach*
  • 0:40–MULTITASK. You. Can’t. Do. It. *evil villain laugh*
  • 0:42-46–Factual! Diddy is thee greatest sh!t talker since…since…he invented the remix. (Diddy-1, Competition- 0)
  • 0:50-0:55–Don’t worry about living your life. For damn sure, don’t worry about living Diddy’s life. He got this! He could live his life and your life. AT. THE. SAME. DAMN. TIME. (Point, Diddy)
  • 1:05-1:09–I know y’all read that Forbes article, rihgt? Oh, you didn’t! Well please click the link and see that Diddy is worth 550Ms. Ms=Millions for you, sucker MCs.
  • 1:12-1:16–How do you buy your white tees? Is it that Fruit of the Loom three pack or the single oversized ones from a couple years ago…it doesn’t matter! You have to do it regularly…likewise, Diddy cops Maybachs with the same frequency. What’s your life about?!
  • 1:30–Words of advice from King Combs: Don’t be mad, be motivated!

And just like that, in 1:35 seconds, Diddy dropped the hottest, filled-to-the-brim-with-brag verse since…well…since his last guest verse on a hot ATL track courtesy of Waka Flocka’s “Oh Let’s Do It.”

Somehow, Diddy was able to disrespectfully humiliate all those with meager bank accounts. Unless Jay Z is reading this blog, that’s all of us! After hearing this song, I will forever look at my ATM receipt differently.

Oh and remember, if your partner doesn’t get mad at you for not responding to their text messages, they’re Bobby Browning


Easy Difficulty Setting for Straight White Males

This post is my first reblog. I think the author explained “straight white maleness” in a very coherent and understandable manner without using the inflammatory and defense-inducing term, “privilege.” Thanks John Scalzi!


I’ve been thinking of a way to explain to straight white men how life works for them, without invoking the dreaded word “privilege,” to which they react like vampires being fed a garlic tart at high noon. It’s not that the word “privilege” is incorrect, it’s that it’s not their word. When confronted with “privilege,” they fiddle with the word itself, and haul out the dictionaries and find every possible way to talk about the word but not any of the things the word signifies.

So, the challenge: how to get across the ideas bound up in the word “privilege,” in a way that your average straight white man will get, without freaking out about it?

Being a white guy who likes women, here’s how I would do it:

Dudes. Imagine life here in the US — or indeed, pretty much anywhere in the Western world — is a…

View original post 805 more words

Am I Wasting My Ivy League Education?

“I want to be a teacher, but I am worried that my parents would think that I’m wasting [my soon-to-be Ivy League] education,” a high school senior shares with me, outside of the school theater.

When I was a sophomore in college at the best university, a freshman friend insisted that she was going to be a teacher when she was finished college. “Some people ask me, ‘Why would I waste my education by becoming a teacher?'” she lamented. She paused as if looking for an answer, but I had no answer for her; I was only one year older than she was and did not know, with any conviction, what I intended to declare as my concentration. Consequently, I did not know what profession I wanted to enter. Heck, I did not even know what I wanted to eat that morning. Retrospectively, I do not think she wanted an answer; she wanted to vent, so I am thankful that I listened.

I continued to listen to the high school senior as she continued to recount her week shadowing middle school students at a local public school. As part of her senior project, she will compare her experiences following public school students with those following a student at our affluent private school. “I met a seventeen year old eighth grader…we’re the same age and I’m going to college, while he is…” her voice trails off, but the hurt is emphatically clear. “I paid for this students lunch one day,” her voice regains wobbling strength, though the screeching, resounding echo of disillusionment envelop her tone.

Her reality attacking her reality.

Her eyes look up towards me, searching for guidance, help…understanding of the traumatic experience she has encountered over the past week. I know the look all too well.

I remind her that if she wants to become a teacher, then she should be a teacher. Her life and its corresponding happiness lies in her hands, her decisions, and her choices; her happiness will not be constituted by her parents and their expectations. If she ultimately wants to affect change in less affluent communities, there are also other avenues to do so other than teaching, which is the stock response when thinking about how to help others. She is a writer, our newspaper’s co-editor in chief, so I suggest that she write and give a voice to the experiences of those who have traditionally been silenced, the victims of the systemic failures successes that maintain their status on the margins of society. I share with her other options because teaching is not for everyone. And for those that do decide to join the profession, they are definitely not wasting their education; they are doing something meaningful with it.

I wish I could have shared that with my freshman friend, but somehow she already knew that.

Ode to the Weekend

Oh, the weekend always acts like a flirtatious vixen, teasing me with two days and nights of excitement, intrigue, and wonder; she forcefully pushes me into the draining arms of Monday, who tosses me to his buddies, all of whom make up the collective known as the Work Week. She rescues me from Friday’s evil evening grip to start our romantically abusive cycle. Cruel pleasure, but I love her!

Ten notes and observations from my weekend (in no particular order):

  1. Spontaneously participated in a pancake eating contest at 2am
  2. New York City is filled with beautiful women…like everywhere…seriously!
  3. I thought I was tall at 6’2″ until I hung out with a group of guys who averaged 6’7″…never felt so tiny before
  4. Relaxing evening with friends and drinks always win over a night at the club…sometimes
  5. Family time spent playing UNO can either boost or obliterate one’s value of self (editor’s note: still not talking to my brother…I kid…kinda…also realized everyone in my family is hyper-competitive)
  6. Ate breakfast with a best friend at 5:30am
  7. Club bathrooms harbor drugs (editor’s note: weirdest three minute span in my life…thought about sharing but yeah if you ever partied in a NYC club you have seen some things)
  8. Californians are unmistakeably “cool”…like all of them
  9. Blazers and chucks are universally accepted everywhere like a VISA card
  10. Finished season 1 of The Wire

Share a bit about your weekend in the comment section