Brian McKnight and Mase Dominate The Music World

Yes, you read the headline correct. Brian McKnight and Mase dominated the music world. No, I am not talking about their 1997 collaboration “You Should Be Mine.”

Yesterday, both veterans shared the spotlight as each made news with his re-entry to the musical scene.

First up, Brian Pumper McKnight showcased his new song, “If You’re Ready to Learn.” If you are expecting a soulful, romantic, “Back At One”-esque ballad, then do not click the link. If you’re ready to “learn how to use your pu***,” then click the link. As the comedian, Kevin Hart says:

Brian Pumper decides to preview a song off of his adult mixtape, which deals with adult sexual issues, such as gynecology.

Needless to say, the song and video caused an uproar of laughter, confusion, and disgust. The laughter (this song cannot be real?) and confusion (is he serious?) are self-explanatory, but the disgust is a bit more nuanced. Rhythm and Blues tackles adult issues such as love, sex, and relationships. At the same time, there is a delicate line that separates seductive ballads from raunchy, disrespectful tunes. Masters of tip toeing this line include Teddy Pendergrass (“Turn Off the Lights”) and Marvin Gaye (“Sexual Healing”). Their songs were intensely sexual without the overt and graphic language. They capitalized on the idea, less is more.

And then there are the new R&B dudes like Trey Songz (“I Invented Sex”) and company who explicitly detail every and any thing they will do to your body. I ain’t knocking their hustle! I am illustrating a change in the game. No R&B discussion can ever be complete without the master of the habitual line stepping (no pun), Mr. R. Kelly. Rrrah Kelly plays hop scotch with this line of decency with classics such as “12 Play” and “The Greatest Sex” and all those other songs where he compares sex, women, and himself to random objects, including but not limited to: a jeep, a remote, a snake, and a¬†Tyrannosaurus rex (and those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my head). And no, I did not make up the last one; he really used that imagery/analogy in a song!

I digress. Brian Pumper ‘s new song clearly sunbathes on the raunchy side, but honestly it would have been better if he changed “pu***” to “body” and removed any super squirter soaker language. Thanks Brian for the confused, disgusted laughs.

“Don’t leave the game while you’re hot, that’s how Mase screwed up.” –Kanye

According to my bestfriend, “[Mase is] my favorite rapper. He had it all: the rhymes, the charisma, and the style.” FACT. There was no hotter rapper in 1996-1998 then Mase. Even when he was forced by Puffy to wear the #2 jersey in the “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down” video (peep the jersey at 3:13), he made the #2 jersey look hot. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if John Wall confessed that he wears the #2 because of Mase because that is how hot Mase was when Mase was hot!

Then, he left for the church. Then returned to the rap game, flirted with 50 Cent’s G-Unit group, and then left again.

Until last night!

Mase back…again?

Mase dropped a hot, song-stealing verse on Wale’s “Slight Work Remix.” There is something about Mase that still, after 16 years in game, that drives New Yorkers, myself included, crazy. Mase influenced so much of the game in his relatively short reign as its top rapper that his return excites…each time.

“Name a rapper [Mase] ain’t influenced.”

It was a pleasant surprise to hear his lazy, aggressive flow on the song. Needless to say, he too had the internet going nuts after the song premiered.

And that is how Brian McKnight and Mase dominated the music world yesterday.

I wonder who will make news today…




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