Consequence of Blogging


“This is my man, [insert name here]. He has a cool blog,” my friend introduces me to his two female co-workers. We are all on a Harlem terrace, overlooking the nearby 110th entrance of Central Park. Cherry tomatoe sized raindrops fall rhymtically against the awning, rolling off the edge into a growing, small puddle on the cement floor. Their eyes move away from the blue glow of their cell phones, acknowleding my presence. One set of eyes quickly return to her late night phone activities, while the other set lingers, glimmering with a faint hint of interest. I blush, slightly embarrassed, and smile. “Seriously, his blog is nice. You should definitely check it out,” he continues.

Moments like these are becoming more frequent as I continue to write and my readers continue to expand. I am often surprised when friends share with me their favorite post or a post that resonated with them. Their choices vary. I am touched when I receive text or Facebook messages that thank me for challenging a previously uninterrupted thought or adding a voice to a feeling that the sender has been unable to communicate. Additionally, I am floored with appreciation when a reader shares that s/he no longer feels alone because whatever emotion or experience that made him/her feel separate and different is one that I openly recognized and acknowledged. As a result, there exists an affinity, a meaningful connection, between the world and me.

I often think about my writing as separate from my personal life, though I consistently discuss my present and past. I enjoy writing about my daily life and often worry about sharing too much since most of the cooler things that happen to me involve others who did not sign up to have aspects of their life shared–and saved–on the internet. My bad, friends.

Surprisingly, when I started writing it was strictly for me, though I must admit that I check the number of blog views daily, fascinated with which posts generate the most traffic. My private shared publicly. Here is another seeming contradiction to add to the many others that color in the lines of me.

Not sure what to make of this post, of this inexplicable, blush-inducing feeling that manifested when my friend introduced me. Whatever it is, I am thankful that it moved me enough to write about it. Additionally, I am thankful that you have taken the time to read about it.


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