Aged Innocence


We momentarily made eye contact.

She stood in the doorway of the fast food healthy restaurant within the train station, seemingly contemplating whether she was going to enter. Hurriedly moving through the aisle to an empty table, salivating the upcoming devouring of my pesto chicken sandwich on wheat flatbread, I turned my head toward the doorway.

We momentarily made eye contact.

She elegantly strolled past me, and I glanced at her again.

Her petite physique suggested that she was a young woman, maybe a teenager. Her style of dress, though, expressed a comfort with her own unique style, which is acquired with age. How old is she, I thought to myself as she moved easily toward a table in the back. Her face was filled with both youthful innocence and aged maturity. Her eyes seemed filled with knowledge, acquired through living life. At the same time, they seemed filled with wonder, a desire to learn about the world around her. The contradictory combination resulted in beauty:

A perfectly manifested juxtaposition, best expressed as aged innocence.


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