Double Impact–Yep, Sex Sells

Sex sells!

You know that. I know that. Advertisers definitely know that!

The other night, while watching late night television, this commercial advertised the new double impact product by Liquid Plumber. Yep, double impact! You know where exactly this advertisement is heading.

Unfortunately, Thankfully, nothing will ever be lost again, thanks to the internet. With the help of my Google sleuths, I was able to find the full length commercial.

0:04 The way the freaky librarian, girl next door woman says the phrase, “Double Impact,” lets the audience know that she fondly remembers a double impact moment in her life. Peep her right hand disappear off screen, below her waist. And the facial expressions are a dead give away–Yep, she has ridden the train.

0:10 “I’m here to snake your drain.” While this might be a standard phrase uttered by plumbers around the country, it feels like the beginning of a cheesy pornographic tryst. Really, Plumber Dude, you just going to caress the snake like that? That’s what’s hot in these plumber streets, huh?

0:19 Before Mr. Plumber Dude can get two steps up her staircase, Mr. Plumber Dude #2 shows up. “I’m here to flush your pipe” said in a seductive manner. This tall, dark, and handsome man compliments yet contrasts the young, inexperienced pizza boy carefreeness of Mr. Plumber Dude. And our female protagonist can only stammer a breathless “Ok.” (Random: Where is Lil’ Jon? I digress).

0:20-0:30 She ready! Let’s the hair down while releasing a euphoric moan. True, it’s not a Sally moment but we’re getting there. Right?

0:31 Who invited this faux Barry White impersonator to the party. The more the merrier, I guess. While Mr. Plumber Dude and Mr. Plumber Dude #2 stand behind her, she works pushes that snake down her drain and clears her pipe. Lesson learned: sometimes ladies, you just have to do it yourself.

0:38 “Long snake to grab deep clogs…and a powerful gel to finish off the rest, baby.” No comment. If you don’t get it, then you don’t get it. Word.

0:46 Y’all seen that snap back into reality, that shake! I seen that leg shake…nevermind.

0:47-0:54 In reality, Mr. Plumber Dude #2 is a butcher, handling that meat. Whereas, Mr. Plumber Dude handles big sensual breasts melons.

0:55 After picking up a couple of products, she scurries out of that aisle like a freshman after a one-night double stand.

Sex sells!



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