The Curve is Activated

There has been four consecutive days where the thermostat has generously danced beyond the 70 mark, tip-toeing into the 80s, while flirting with the 90s line. Summer dresses are out and flowing. Pedicures are on full display. Many are uncuffed and single.

Welcome to the full fledged Thirst season: the time of year where all of the newly (and not so newly) single people attend every after-work happy hour, roof-top party, shindig event possible with one goal: add to the roster (of potential summer boo-thangs).

As a result, phone numbers are being passed around at an alarming, contagion pace.

Don’t fret because the curve will save the day.

Wait, what? You do not know what that is? Umm…ok…let me explain.

Ever have a dude that you did not really mean to give your number to consistently send you text messages, asking you out on dates? Or worse, being vulgar (way too soon), acting as if you already accepted his offer to be his jump, side piece, lady friend, summer fling girlfriend for the summer?

What do you do? You initiate the curve.

Rule number one (and really the only rule) is: Never react.

Simply, do not respond. You hope that He will get the point sooner or later. And the truth is, for some, they stay hitting you up regardless of the curve. They continue to send you blue chat bubbles filled with optimistic dreams that the drink that they bought you at the bar will transform into the satisfying quenching of their thirst.  In other words, their thirst has no boundaries. They will definitely run up on you on some faux Casanova, “hey-not-sure-if-you-got-my-[insert crazy exaggerated number]-message-but-how-you-been” *wink-and-smile* routine, completely disregarding the fact that you have curved them for the past week and a half.

What do you do?

You maintain the curve.

Rule number one: Never react.

Say, “Oh” and quickly rejoin your train of girlfriends as you move through the crowded scene. 

Employ the curve wisely.

And remember, men are curve artists as well…but the weather is heating up so they may be down just for the sm…nevermind


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