Why I Didn’t Write Yesterday

My mother walked past my slightly cracked door and stopped for a moment. I could feel her presence outside of the doorway, while I was idly chatting with my then-girlfriend. After a few moments, I heard the sounds of her departing footsteps. A few minutes later, moments after I ended the phone conversation, my mother returned to the doorway. This time, she poked her head into my room, and plainly stated, “Don’t do that again.” Confused, I asked, “Huh?”

“Do not detail your day like that ever again. She does not need to know your every step. Is she your patrol officer or something?” she snarkly replied. Most of the time, she is right. This is one of those times.

Heeding to my mother’s advice, I will not detail for you all the day that kept me from writing yesterday. Instead, I will provide stream of consciousness highlights:

Did not see her, party, “Get Low,” her body feels so soft, flirting, on to the next stop, no bueno, on to the next spot, reggae, her in the blue dress, Ciroc, dancing, tattoo on her back about fashion, not for me, “I think I need to throw up,” pizza, nap, basketball, I shot a lay-up and a dunk at the same damn time, traveling, laughter, win, loss, brunch, unlimited mimosas, tipsy again, texts, nap, museum, club let out, more texting, eyes, bodies, flirting, not taking you home, flask, gin, laughter, party, art gallery, dancing, exchange numbers, texts, hula hoops, jokes, food, nap.


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