Invisible Systems

The above video has gone viral with close to six million views in roughly four months.

The husband proposes a seemingly simple question to his wife: if one is traveling eighty miles per hour, how far would one travel in an hour?

His wife for the next close to five minutes debates the mathematical significance of the question, with varied guesses and ideas. Her guess of 58 minutes is actually close to the answer.

Some of the stereotypes that are reinforced with the video:

  • the stupidity of blonds
  • women’s inability to do math
  • the superiority of White males

The media contains an educational component. Accordingly, it is able to create and maintain stereotypes that we all know. We will know dumb, blond jokes. Similarly, we will know the commonly held idea that women are poor at math and science. Lastly, we all know about the influence and power of the White man. Even the way he laughs at his wife demonstrates his superiority to her.

The repetition and replication of the cycle is invisible, due to its prevalence. Likewise, it is difficult to break.

  • Will you question the intelligence of a blond woman, after seeing this video?
  • Will you question the mathematical ability of women, after seeing this video?
  • Will you question the answers given by a white man?

If you answered ‘no’ to any of those questions, then you are interrupting the cycle by not going along with the societal flow, which is difficult.

I interrupt the cycle by exposing the otherwise invisible system.

How will you?


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