Following Intuition


One of my problems as a critical thinking academic is that I am constantly overthinking and overanalyzing everything. As Einstein suggests, I do not listen to my intuition, instead favoring my logical mind. In our culture, reason is privileged, thus to move “forward” or “progress” I ascribe to this dominant strain of thought. As a result, I do not pay attention to my intuition.

Intuition is commonly understood be to a gut feeling, often suggested to be located roughly three fingers below your navel. Malcolm Gladwell wrote a novel, Blink, on the power of intuition, suggesting there needs to be a movement towards favoring this feeling. However, it is one that I, as a member as a logic focused society, do not follow consistently and/or constantly.

In order to hear my intuition, I need to be still and calm. I also need to heal from previous hurt and pain and be more trusting of myself. I have to love and care for myself.

What do you think about intuition? Do you follow your intuition? Why are women, stereotypically, more in tune with their intuition?


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