U.S.A Hides the Real Issue


US is scared.
As a result, US does bad things.
Ultimately, US hurts others because it is trying to figure things out for itself.

The US will forever be affected by the indelible mark of slavery and its consequences, mainly the formation of an oppressive society. US values some more than others. In doing so, US creates and maintains a healthy cycle of oppression, which is pervasively internalized and learned by all who grace its bountiful land. US hides behind other issues, other divides to ensure that it will not have to be accountable for itself.

US is scared to look in the mirror and be responsible for its sins, faults, and shortcomings.

The case of Trayvon Martin is a horrific tragedy that has become a common storyline in US. Our country’s history is littered with senseless, racially motivated deaths. The names change, but the issue remains the same; our oppressive society’s constant denial that there’s a racial problem. If one ever wondered what privilege looks like, one does not have to look far because US, specifically White mainstreamculture, is the epitome of it.

US does bad things because it is scared; its actions are physical manifestations of its anxiety, angst, and anger.

Unfortunately, too many lives have been lost, disrupted, and damaged with US’ anger, with Trayvon being the latest captured by our national media’s attention. This fixation on the Trayvon Martin case should lead to conversations about US’ racial issue and subsequent problems. Those conversations should begin the healing process that US desperately needs like a man dying of thirst needs a sip of water. But with any angry person, the blame has been displaced. Now our media’s gaze is turning to George Zimmerman’s close friend, Joe Oliver, a media puppet. Mr. Oliver is a black man whose faked promoted close relationship with Zimmerman seemingly validates that Zimmerman is not a racist, in an attempt to de-racialize the case. How could he be a racist with a black confidant, one who has not seen him since a week before the February 26th incident, yet proclaims on all these talk shows that Zimmerman sustained serious injuries, a broken nose and a laceration on the back of his head, during the life threatening scuffle with Trayvon that ended with Trayvon’s life lost. Mr. Oliver claims to be an “Uncle-like” figure, who has only talked with Zimmerman once since the murder and only with the assistance of Zimmerman’s lawyer. Mr. Oliver now dominates the Trayvon case.

Wait, what?

What about Trayvon?!

Well played, US. One can never underestimate your displacement public relation skills. Similarly, the attention is turning to the Sanford’s police department many mishaps and mistakes. Now, an investigation will probe their police department, searching for who leaked information to the public.

Enough already, US!

US, you we cannot continue to blame and fault others. Healing requires taking responsibility for one’s actions. At some point, if this country wants to heal, it will need to look in the mirror. Too many people are angry over this issue, rightfully so. But anger gives others control of you.

US regain control. Forgiving allows for that to happen. However, in order to forgive, America must first deal with the real issue, itself. And that process necessitates an honest look in the mirror. No more conspiracy theories, friends, hoodies, distractions. Only America in our gaze.


One thought on “U.S.A Hides the Real Issue

  1. We need to have a hard look at our country. Take the wars that we’ve involved ourselves with. We’ll fight for the rights and liberties of others, but look at how we treat our own citizens. The hypocrisy of this great land. I raise this question, though: is this still not the best place in the world to live? For all the ills that this country embodies, would we rather be somewhere else? I don’t think we’ll ever move (metaphorically) to a place in this country where we don’t ever have race as the huge elephant in the room. I wish we could, but that thing called slavery really messed that up for us. We have to honest with ourselves and tackle these issues. Great read.

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