Reverse Cuffing Finale

As the title suggests, today is my final argument on why reverse cuffing may actually be a smart dating move. My two previous posts have received all kinds of comments from “You may be on to something” to “horrible.” While the spectrum of reactions is vast like the Grand Canyon, I am thankful that people are reading and thinking. I hope that as the weather warms, you are at least contemplating the reward(s) of a Spring/Summer cuff relationship.

My counterintuitive case for a Spring/Summer boo has been met with bewildered shakes of heads and confused looks. In fact, the loudest and most adamant counterargument I have received, mostly from my fellow men, has been the “Never bring sand to a beach” man-law. In other words, one does not bring your girlfriend, boo, or significant other to places where there will be an abundance of beautiful, perceived single women. During the summertime that includes everywhere, especially in a city like New York, where attractive women can be found from around the way at your local corner store to a chic roof party. Thus, remaining single during these months cause most men to desire their freedom singleness while beauty, in her various forms, frolics in the sun. I get it. I really do.

How is Springtime cuffing different?

First thing first, your eyes are not broken (no disrespect to any of my readers with any eye issues). So one can still enjoy all the sundresses and/or tight, skimpy clothing out there in those city streets. True, you cannot ogle at random women or eye hump them while you are with your partner. But that should not be the case any way because all of your attention should be on your king/queen. At times like these, use your peripheral vision. Trust, you will still see what you want without being disrespectful to your boo.

Perfect segue to another point: you have someone to “insert (no pun) whichever verb you use to mean sex” every night, twice on Sunday. You do not have to worry about courageously approaching that beautiful beauty you’ve had your eye on all night. You don’t have to side step your way through her friends, who, by the way, are judging you from the moment you approach their woman hive. You don’t have to depend on luck or game to see if you can bed someone that night. You do not have to thirstily traverse the street in your wolf pack of your single and not so single male friends, which most women despise and are hella suspicious and cautious of; in fact, they tend to avoid these packs at all costs. Editor’s note: If you want to pick up a woman, be by yourself. Once again this piece of advice seems counterintuitive to the learned skills of dating, but trust me on this one: women do not like to be approached by a wolf on a mission from the pack. Nope. Instead, be the lone wolf and they may even approach you.

Similarly, the many summer events lure you into thinking that one of those steamy nights, you will capture luck, strike gold, and get lucky. Yeah, that doesn’t happen often. On the other hand, you attend all these events, striking out each night, comforting yourself with the promise of the upcoming party or BBQ. Before you know it, you’ve spent the entire summer hanging with your boys with no…ummm…experience to show for it. So much for spring flings, huh? Don’t let that be you.

And finally, here is the number one reason: women attract women.

Yep! Read that phrase again! Go ahead. I’ll wait!

There is no man alive that can attract women better than another woman. Women make the best wingmen…EVER! Not sure why; maybe they are not suspicious of each other as they are leery of random men approaching them. All I know is that it is a FACT proven time and time again.

So now, you’re confused? Weren’t we talking about cuffing a Summertime boo? How is a female wingman involved? No reason to fret, let me explain.

Your Summertime boo becomes an unintentional wingman. When you step into a spot with her, other women’s interest will peak. Suddenly, your peripheral view will be packed with other women clamoring for your attention. Chris Rock jokes that after meeting a friend’s significant other men say, “I need a woman like that.” Meanwhile, women say, “I need that one.”

Perfect example, I went out last summer with one of my very hot female friends. To the innocent bystander, it looked like we were on a date. We were laughing, flirting, casually touching each others arms and such. We were seated next to a table of four women. I noticed them, noticing me via my peripheral vision, yet never really breaking eye contact with my friend. As soon as my female friend got up to use the bathroom…I’m talking about no more than ten steps away from the table…one of the women at the table leaned over to me and asked if that was my girl. I laughed, and before I could say no, she was introducing me to her homegirls, waiting for me to share my name. We chitchatted for a couple of minutes…the line to the women’s bathroom stay long…and if I wanted I could have easily gotten one of their numbers, which would have been an easy entrance into her circle of friends and eventually…nevermind. I share this story to illustrate that during the summertime, women are wolves as well. They are looking for their opening (Editor’s note: notice that I was by myself…but y’all don’t hear me though) for whatever they are looking for as well. A few seconds before my female friend could return, my conversation with the women next to me stopped and they faded right back into the background like a chameleon; my friend had no clue that I had been verbally accosted by the adjacent table.

Now, I am not condoning cheating in any sense, but I am saying your options increase when you are in a relationship, regardless of the season. And especially in the summertime with these easily dissolvable non-guaranteed contracts, it may behoove you to try a summertime boo. At the very least offer a ten day contract, and see if it works for you.

But then again, I wouldn’t take relationship advice from a single person either.


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