Reverse Cuffing Season Revisited

Yesterday, one of my friends posted my reason why I thought it was better to cuff or begin a relationship during the Spring/Summer months on her wall. Thanks, boo! One of her male friends adamantly declared that this season is uncuffing season. Why? Think outside the box, young man; open your mind to the possibilities of counterintuitive thought. Here is another reason that one should cuff in the Spring.

1. It is difficult to be fooled, tricked, hoodwinked, or bamboozled

One of the best things about living in New York City is the fashion. Other cities and countries turn their attention here for the latest style. Consequently, most women in NYC can dress with the best of them, especially during the Fall and Winter seasons. There are a million different accessories that can highlight this or accentuate that. The boots (Editor’s note: I swoon for knee high boots-and don’t let it go over the knee-double swoon), jeans/pants, coats/jackets are always on point. Then there are those women who wear corporate attire (Editor’s note: I would dive head first into the pavement for a pencil skirt). As you can see from my swoon and dive, there are certain styles that are specific to the Fall and Winter which cause heart palpitations. Beautiful, right?

And then…you take home said beauty, and all the wow slowly vanishes, stripped away with every layer of clothing. Their seemingly rotund, shapely bottom–gone–no more than a product of a skillfully planned combination of a tight fitting pencil shirt and the right kind of panties. Those defined calves and long legs–gone–a combination of high heels and whatever skill needed to walk in them. Don’t get me started on the hair and makeup. You get the point. Their representative tricked you. During the months were layers are necessary, multi-layered clothing mainly functions as swindling assets.

Yes, I may sound shallow, but I hope one also hears my frustration and disappointment with the eye candy illusionists who bank on manipulating my visual senses during the Fall and Winter. And sadly, by the time you have gotten to the celebratory point when one gets to remove pieces of clothing, you are already in boo-dom (aka a relationship). By that time, it’s too late, according to the cuffing season calendar, to find another winter time boo. Stuck like Will Smith in the above picture.

How is Summertime cuffing different?

If you cannot already tell, I am a huge fan of the sundress. The Greeks’ believed ambrosia was the gift from the gods. Well, sundresses are my ambrosia. And these beautifully patterned dresses that flow effortlessly alongside with its owner’s body are innocence exemplified. They do not lie because they cannot. Their owner’s shape is revealed; no trickery and foolery. You cannot hide under the truth telling serum of sundresses. Similarly, the warm weather often leads to fewer pieces of clothing. As a result, there is much more skin shown, which allows for a more real rendition of nakedness what one can expect under the scantily clad person of interest. Yes, one still has to deal with the trickery of hair and makeup, but one cannot win it all.

Let’s imagine, for argument sake, that you are somehow bamboozled. No worries. The Spring/Summer cuff is like a non-guaranteed contract. Unlike the Winter cuff, where you are essentially obligated to stay with your boo from September till, at the earliest, mid-February, the Spring/Summer cuff allows for both parties to walk away amicably. If dissolved early enough, one can still potentially get another Spring/Summer cuff. Or if it fizzles out toward the end of the Summer, once again no worries because the Fall/Winter cuff will be quickly approaching. And let’s say that there are no Spring/Summer boos available because must men believe this time is uncuffing season, that’s ok. Have a spring fling or two. Remember, no judgement from me.

Another win/win situation for the Spring/Summer cuff, right? Right!

Do you agree? What say you?


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