Good Friends in D.C.


I love my friends.

This past weekend I was in Washington, D.C., spending the day with my Grandmother, aka the love of my life. She lives in St. Thomas, USVI, and was in town visiting a family friend’s daughter. The young lady had her long coat ceremony, one step closer to her medical school graduation. After hanging out with her and the Golden Girls for a few hours (editor’s note: driving behind one of the Golden Girls was one of the most dangerous experiences in my life-driving forty miles per hour is the definition of no bueno, I ran a red light to avoid an accident), I decided to meet up with some college friends who live in the area and get a drink.

Pure comedy ensued.

The following topics were discussed during our four hour, beer drinking hang out session (in no particular order):

The secret to marriage is an oversized couch so that you and your partner don’t touch while watching t.v. Makes sense.

The NCAA tournament and Baylor’s outrageously ugly neon highlighter uniforms (though one of my friends said she felt inspired to read a book while watching the game…not sure if it was a product of the not-so-interesting game or the uniforms).

Cee-Lo Green’s freakishly abnormal small hands. He truly looks like a T-Rex with his stubby short arms and his tiny hands.

The loss of intimacy due to the increase of technology. Everyone in the room swooned when someone shared the joy of late night phone jones-ing (talking on the phone into the wee hours of the night). Also, this conversation involved the pros and cons of texting.

Random renditions of “Whoop That Trick,” “Back, back, back, back, gimmie 50 feet,” and other random ratchet, ignorant songs that people with Ivy League degrees are assumed not to know.

Movies at the South by Southwest festival (SxSW). Apparently there is one movie about a kingpin, different floors that contained villainous bad guys that our heroes must traverse in order to get to the top floor where our menacing kingpin awaits, and kung fu. Oh and very little dialogue-the music, outside of the punching/kicking sound effects, IS the dialogue.Amazingness.

Internet start ups and we almost started a company involving DVRs and Pandora-like qualities. It had to be at one of these fun sessions that companies like YouTube got started. Got to be! The amount of amazing ideas in the room.

Possible remake of Berry Gordy’s The Last Dragon. The glow! Oh and black people and kung fu go together. Not sure why, but it’s a FACT.

The fact that Q-Tips make the best q-tips and that other brands are defaming their good name.

What do you and your friends discuss?


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