Doing the Dishes

I been in a funk lately. Bunch of things on my mind. It changed my mood greatly. But I want light to shine.

I lay, wide awake, in bed. Damn, my ceiling fan needs to be cleaned again, I say to myself. Add it the ever growing list. It is still so dark in my room, I wonder what time it is. I am unsure of the time because my nearsightedness does not allow to me to see the blue, illuminated numbers on my iHome located roughly ten feet from the head of my bed. Ugh. I need to go to the eye doctor and get some new glasses, adding more to my ever expanding to-do list that resides uncomfortably in my head. I turn onto my side, folding the single pillow to create a more comfortable shape for my neck. Does not work. Still uncomfortable, and now I am resting on a pressure point from an old bruised hip injury, the resulting pain inching its way through my nervous system, high five-ing nerve endings on its slow jog to my brain, the finish line. Ugh. I roll back onto my back and feel a slightly cold object on my lower back. My iPhone. I fumble it and regain control of it. I push the button and the screen’s brightness alerts me to the time, 3:27am. Umph. I twist and turn for a few more never ending minutes before I am able to get back to sleep.


I do not want to get up, I think, as I roll onto my hip again. My thinking is inundated with various thoughts, responsibilities, and personal issues that refuse to let my mind find peace. The pain from my hip does not bother me this time, registering a low blip on my mind’s radar. I take a deep breath. I’ll mediate, I convince myself. I need to because I feel overwhelemed with emotions and it isn’t even 7am yet. Too early. I inhale. Awww…fleeting serenity. The momentary blank mental picture is quickly drowned out by emails that need to be skillfully created, hotel and travel arrangments that need to be made, and phone calls and lesson plans that need to happen today. My family. I want to scream, but what will it do. These thoughts are invisible bullies that, left unattended, can be debilitating and frustrating. They’re known to hang with depression and self-loathing, and I just revoked those losers’ work visas in my mind.

Change is necessary and it will only happen with me. I am in control of that much.

I push the warm sheets and comforter, the bullies’ allies, off of my still tired body. The coldness of the wood floor rush from the bottom of my feet to the top of my brain, signaling my eyes to look for my house slippers. There they go. I slip on the warm footsies and make my way to the kitchen. There are dishes piled up in the sink. See, the kitchen is my emotional gauge. Depending on how many dishes in the sink can give one an insight into my mind. Cluttered sink = cluttered mind. I stand there, and wash the dishes. While the image of a sleepy body washing dishes is not as enticing as the one of Eva Longria, the picture gave me everything this morning.

While there is still more work to be done, I was able to get through a portion of it. Small steps. More manageable.

Luckily my busy schedule will keep me from cooking tonight, so there will be no dishes in the sink.

Hopefully, my mind can remain as clean.


2 thoughts on “Doing the Dishes

  1. You should definitely come to yoga… It’s so hard to control the mind that is so rooted in the stresses, demands and worries of everyday. You had it right, breathing is the greatest action….

  2. Whenever I used to get stressed an old mentor would ask me, “How do you eat an elephant?” I shrugged my shoulders, thinking who would want to do that. Then he’d say, “One piece at a time.” I know he didn’t make it up himself, but whenever I get overwhelmed, I ask myself that question, and then answer it for myself. Good luck eating your elephants.

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