First Party After Cuffing Season Observations


The other day, I announced that cuffing season is officially over, expedited by the recent rash of warm weather that New York City has experienced. Last night, I went out to a nice hotel bar/lounge for the first party after cuffing season. While I drank a healthy dosage of brown liquor all night, I noticed the following:

Cuffing season is real! A few more of my male friends shared with me that they recently, within the last few weeks, have either broken up or are on a break from their relationship. Blame the rising heat index.

Cuffing season is really real! A female friend shared with me that she feels like she aged beginning in September. During the winter months, she realized that she stopped going out, got boo’ed up, and has been enjoying more indoor activities. Last night was her first night out in a while. Still with her man. Pray for them.

Many women capitalized on the unseasonably warm weathered winter that we had. There where many well-sculpted bodies in attendance. I did not expect to see so many women in mid-season form. They were ready! As a result, I am even more excited for the Spring and Summer. Thank you, weather.

The fear of turning thirty and marriage affects both men and women. I am 28 years old and single. Both a male and a female friend asked me if I was worried about marriage, without ever saying the seemingly fright-inducing word. I’m not. While I am ready for a serious relationship, I will not be pressured into a relationship, just to quell societal anxiety.

After dancing exclusively with a cute looking patron, who was draped over him, giggling her low performing student letter sized breasts all over my friend, for roughly ten minutes, which is an eternity in the club, he turns to me as she leaves and whispers, “This shhh is wack.”

Enter Andre 3000 and his beautifully penned verse from Drake’s album, Take Care.

“[Dudes] that are married don’t want to go home but/We look up to them, they wish they were us/They want some new trim, we lust for some trust/Now both of us are color-blind/Cause the other side looks greener.”

And here is the dilemma with being single versus being in a relationship; each one looks at the other with envy. Single guys want the trust that comes from a committed relationship. Married men (or men in relationships) want some new…umm…experiences. The only thing better than experience is new experiences. Married men take for granted the trust and love in their relationship, instead envying the often promiscuous lifestyle of their single counterparts. Each wanting to trade places like an Eddie Murphy movie.

Oh lastly, drinks are too expensive in New York City as is everything else in this city.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


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