Random Thoughts


My brain feels like mush. Excited about going to see the Broadway show, Memphis, later this week. For some reason, I’m really giddy as if Wednesday is Christmas morning and I’m seven again. Frustrated by personal issues and shortcomings. I am a good dude…I think. I try. Spoke with my aunt today; I love her dearly. The adage, the fruit never falls from far from the tree, feels unbelievably true. My mom and I share so many similar habits…like too many. It’s scary how much I am like her. I wonder what my dad father left me; what was my inheritance? Grrrrr. Every time I make a sound effect, I think of her and I no longer want to…but I do. Longing for a love lost. Different hers. Had dinner with yet a different her the other night. *shrug* Anxious about this upcoming week. Feeling like I should do what I want and then apologize for it later (if necessary). I need to change my thoughts and “re-ize” my life. I wrote about that one already…haven’t done it yet. *deep sigh* Oh, the power of thought. Thoughts are powerful. These are random. I need to say less and do more.


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