My Family


The following italicized lines are from Joe Budden’s song entitled, “For a Reason.” I’ve always liked this song for the third verse in which he discusses his family. His family, filled with colorful characters, reminds me very much of my own. Under the italics are my thoughts.

I got a brother always keeps it real, his name’s Guilt
Let’s me know I can’t stand however it is I feel

Guilt really makes me question the decisions that I make. He always has something to say about everything. Thankfully, I am accountable for my actions, both positive and negative, and am (still) learning how to deal with the resulting consequences.

I got a cousin named Pride, [dude] acts like a lawyer

Pride confuses me. He apparently is a sin, but also a satisfying feeling. Complex…to say the least.

Gotta a sister named Karma, I be tryna’ avoid ‘er

Yeah Karma is that family member that appears at the randomest of times. More importantly, I rarely know to which past experience she reacts…whichever one it is, she has clear,tangible feelings about it and is not afraid to show them. Bitch!

Gotta ex that’s Bitter, wants me to be her [dude]

There’s a reason she is my ex, but she does not feel the same way about ‘our’ decision to split.

Hates my girl Self-Pity ’cause I’m always with her

This new girlfriend always wants to hang around me, especially when after I speak with Guilt or when I fight my stalker, Depression.

But Bitter’s beef is valid, she don’t like shorty ’cause she use me
One time she seen ‘er verbally abuse me

Sometimes an ex knows best and sees things I cannot see. But who I am kidding, she’s just Bitter.

Got a friend that’s passive, friends call him Passive
He just says whatever, hoping that shit passes

I do not hang out with this dude often. Life passes him by, and I can not hang with people like that. I want to live life and be present in the moment.

My Uncle Hindsight wears real thick glasses
Reminds me of where I been and how shit gets drastic

Hindsight has 20/20 and makes me wish that I could live life backwards because then I would make some better decisions in real time. He always has the right thing to say after the right time.

Got a Aunt named Humility, she speaks low mumbles
Don’t care that I’m a rapper she keeps me so humble

My favorite Aunt! She keeps me grounded and never lets my ego get big. She cares about my accomplishments but never too much.

In my head I’ll debate it, outloud I’ll never say it
I’m pretty sure it’s a good reason we all related

Yep, that’s my family. And Joe Budden is correct; there is a good reason that we are all related.


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