Fix Your Face

While getting scolded, my mother would yell, “You better fix your face.”

If I ate something that did not taste delicious, my mother would remind me, “You better fix your face.”

During chores, I would have an attitude, and my mother would walk past and casually remark, “You better fix your face.”

The other day, one of my buddies sent me the following video.

The young boy repeatedly told his father that he wanted to be a comedian, so the father nurtured his son’s passion by writing some jokes with him. He then recorded his son reciting the jokes. The two minute clip has already garnered more than 250,000 views, which is successful.

I sincerely hope that the father and son continue to work on cultivating that passion.

In Kanye West’s “Power Remix,” Kanye raps, “Now we all ain’t gon’ be American Idols/But you can least grab a camera, shoot a viral/Huh? Take the power in your own hands.”

Follow Kanye’s advice.

Follow the example of the young comedian’s father.

Fix your face and follow your dreams.


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